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Why Commit?

  $7,977 or $19,609 The average debt load among undergraduate students at two-year and four-year public colleges and universities in Nebraska—debt that can be minimized with timely graduation. 1
  25% or 33% The percentage of college students in Nebraska who graduate in two years or four years from public colleges and universities. 2
  $34,243 or $44,957 The average yearly salary of students graduating from Nebraska's public two- and four-year colleges and universities—earnings students are putting off if they delay graduation. 3
  71% The percentage of Nebraska jobs that will require higher education by 2020. 4 or 34,000 The number of annual openings in H3 jobs like engineering, nursing and IT. 5

Make A Commitment

Commit to Complete is brought to you by the Office of the Governor, Nebraska's public colleges and universities, the Nebraska Department of Education and the Chambers of Commerce to help college students graduate sooner and with less student debt. By following the steps below, students will be able to get their degrees faster, save money and get their lives started.

Committed to Our Students

With over 99,000 students across 14 institutions, Nebraska's public two- and four-year colleges and universities pledge to support all of their students who choose to Commit to Complete. By providing additional resources, assistance from advisors and ongoing tips and recommendations, we hope to improve graduation timelines while decreasing the amount of student debt.

Campaign Partners

"I encourage Nebraska’s college and university students to commit to complete their degrees on time. By staying on schedule, students increase their likelihood of getting a degree, limit their debt and accelerate their transition into a rewarding job upon graduation."

Governor Pete Ricketts

State of Nebraska

"Students, families and all Nebraskans deserve to know we’re doing everything in our power to help our young people stay in school, graduate on time and enter the workforce more quickly. I’m proud to add my support to the Commit to Complete initiative."

Ted Carter

University of Nebraska

"I'm pleased to join my colleagues in the public and private sectors in sending a strong message to students, families and the people of Nebraska that we care about our young people, we want them here and we want them to be successful."

Dr. Susan Fritz

Executive Vice President and Provost
University of Nebraska

"Time can be the biggest enemy for students, and the Nebraska State College System is invested in student success strategies to ensure on-time degree completion."

Dr. Paul Turman

Nebraska State College System

"At any one of Nebraska’s community colleges completion may mean an Associate Degree; or, it may mean completing a program of study which ends in having earned a credential or certificate. Regardless of the path chosen, the value is in completion."

Greg Adams

Executive Director
Nebraska Community College Association

"This project is about helping students get to the finish line. When students achieve their goals, the whole state wins."

Randy Schmailzl

Metropolitan Community College

"The Nebraska Department of Education is pleased to help students, families and schools understand that completing two- and four-year degree programs on time help save financial resources and launch graduates to the next step for success in career and life."

Dr. Matt Blomstedt

Commissioner of Education
Nebraska Department of Education

"Nebraska's success depends on our ability to produce more college graduates to meet the urgent needs of businesses across our state. We applaud our university, state colleges and community colleges for working together to build our workforce and advance Governor Ricketts' goals for growth."

Bryan Slone

Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry

"Commit to Complete is a worthy initiative that sends the right message to students and families, elected leadership, and the business community which depends on our colleges and universities for continued growth."

Wendy Birdsall

Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

"Our diverse and talented students are a community treasure. Commit to Complete means students can move toward job-readiness with efficiency, bolstering our local workforce with innovative graduates ready to grow their careers right here."

David Brown

President and CEO
Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

"If we want Nebraska to remain competitive, we need to produce more college graduates in every corner of the state...the Kearney Chamber is proud to support this effort along with our fellow business partners, higher education colleagues and Governor Ricketts."

Derek Rusher

President and CEO
Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce

"I am so pleased to see the growing statewide momentum behind Commit to Complete, a program that speaks to the heart of our educational missions at UNO and UNMC. We want all our students to know that they have the support they need to achieve their academic goals, attain a rewarding career and become engaged leaders in their workplace and communities."

Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D.

University of Nebraska at Omaha and University of Nebraska Medical Center

"Affordability is a primary factor in a student’s selection of a college or university. Focusing on the most direct pathway to completion—by following the steps outlined in this project—is a way for students to control their costs as we continue to work to keep tuition as low as possible."

Doug Kristensen

University of Nebraska at Kearney